Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Top reasons why you should read the book before watching a film adaptation.

There's not a single person who isn't excited about a film adaptation of a favourite book. It is indeed a treat. As long as the movie stays loyal to the book, everything goes smooth, but when the diversion begins you start to fuss. It's only natural to have painted a picture of the story in your mind and to feel bothered when it goes awry. Nevertheless, the film gives you an unmatched feeling of meeting the characters and places only having read and imagined.
       'If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed' - Stanley Kubrick.

Movies tend to skip details. 

If you are a person who gives attention to details, then the book should be your first choice. The introduction of a character and the gradual development of it can only be enjoyed when you read. In a film, the wordiness is cut short making it digestible for the impatient movie-goer.

Films are hard pressed for time.

When the story is to be given life by the director, he is up to the most challenging phase of the work. The script has to be developed so not to ruin the book-lover's imagination, and also give an impression of not missing out on the plot for the film-lover. The film has to strike a perfect balance between the two. All said and done sometimes we could see the script suffering in the hands of the director. There are some films which are true to the book frame by frame such as "Godfather".

Spoilers galore.

If you are a book-worm and intend to read a copy of a famous book which is on its way to get filmed, then you're cornered all over the social media by spoilers. So better grab a copy and finish it off quietly before looking up the film details.

Some parts get lost.

It is good to read the book whole because you may find some precious parts missing in the film. Like the scenes of Sirius Black, James Potter and Snape in Potter's legilimens class. The way you intepret a particular scene maybe different from how the tinselmen do it. So that means loss of some scenes.

To become a better judge of things.

The saying goes, "Never judge a book by it's movie". That doesn't mean that you shouldn't judge the movie by the book. You have all rights to judge the movie as a reviewer and weigh the chances of it over the book.

A film adaptation can always be compared to the idiom, "tip of the iceberg". Here is a list of my favourite book to movie adaptations,

  • Emma 2009 (mini series)
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone
  • Pride and Prejudics (2005)
  • Sense and Sensibility (1995)
  • The Other Boleyn Girl
  • Mystic River

There is one adaptation which surpassed the books,

Sherlock Holmes Part 1 & 2.
By Guy Ritchie.

Well according to me, this particular film deserves huge adulation.

Monday, 17 July 2017

15 Silly Stereotypes which would make you wonder!

Prejudices, typecasting, labeling are all synonymous to stereotyping. So what is a stereotype? It is a generally accepted thought or idea about a certain group of people or a thing. It can be blatantly incorrect and perhaps hurtful to the particular person. Stereotypes are the views of a small and narrow mind. Gender stereotyping is very common in India when you look at the Indian retail market, you come across advertisements which show female models for jewellery, cooking oil, hair oil, cleaning supplies etc., and male models for energy drinks, running shoes, liquor and gadgets. Does it imply that females don't need shoes or gadgets, while the male counterparts don't need cleaning and grooming? No. The retailers indiscriminately shove their brand and product on the average TV viewer through the media based on the assumed target audience.The teens and the children viewing such an advertisement develop a cognitive understanding of the stereotype, which idea is used tby them in a relevant situation. In the field of marketing, stereotyping could be perpetual in the name of reaching out to the 'target audience'. All right let's take it lightly and look at random stereotypes specific to the Indian community some funny and some not.

1. It says so on Wikipedia, so it must be true.

2. All Tamils and Malayalis are portrayed wearing dhoti and having a streak of Thiruneer on the             forehead, in most North-Indian films. And of-course speak bad hindi. (Do we all?)

3. All NRIs save lakhs and lakhs of money every month and invest them in India.[Debatable]

4. When a superhero says "Save the world", he means America. Even Vishwaroopam Kamal is not an      exception.

5. All foreigners hate spicy Indian food.(In fact, Butter chicken masala is the most tasted Indian               recipe across UK and USA).

6. Village girls have no boyfriend.(Really?)

7. Working bachelors away from home can't cook.(No. I think they discover new recipes and                    improvise very well with what's at hand.)

8. Housewives are not familiar with current affairs. ( Men please change your mind, women are better     opinionated in these matters.)

9. All Indian boys love and worship cricket. ( Not true.. my husband wouldn't recognise Yuvraj Singh      even if stands beside him.)

10. Daughters take over the household duties from their parents.(True. Domesticate your sons too.            
11. Pink is a girls' colour. Any guy wearing a shade of pink clothing is gay.(True. My husband refuses       to touch my pink handbag while I go to the restroom at a mall).

12. All moms watch TV serials like clock work.

13. You are a bad parent if you are not conservative in terms of clothes.

14. If the reviewer in the newspaper says the movie is bad, the movie is bad.[Not true, Uthama Villan        received low ratings but I liked it.]

The final one is my favourite...

15. Parent's reaction to son's girlfriend - Wow!! Is she pretty, can I see a picture of her?
      Parent's reaction to daughter's boyfriend - Shut up and be reminded of why I sent you to college.          Stop seeing him once for all.

Stereotyping is delusional so it can be fought against. Especially in children, gender labeling can cause a negative effect. Actions against such typecasting should start at home by responsible parents. We should break the common myths and open our minds to the new and fresh ideas. 

Note: My tendency to add 'feministic ideas' in every blog post is one of my idiosyncrasies. I should snap out of it hopefully.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Top ways of being frugal

Are the bills eating up your wallet? Does your reserve get thinner with every swipe of the card? Grabbing a bite at a nearby coffee shop taking a lot more of money than you can afford? Well, hello to you average Chennai person. You belong to the migration population of the Madras city.

Chennai is a metro city where we race like rats to pass a single day. Every time you look to shop or dine the sellers and the service industry try to pounce on you like you are a poor grass-eating herbivore with lots of meat all over you. But in fact, you hardly have enough to spend for basics. However, your tired wife wants a day off from the kitchen and your children need their day out after a week of mundane school activities. So there you are loitering, looking longingly at the displays of the plush malls and cravingly watching the fancy restaurants on the way. Don't worry, I offer you some tips to be frugal even at the beginning of the month when your phone beeps and you look at the magical words in your inbox, "Salary credited".

There is no feeling greater than the content you experience when you grab a good coupon deal or dine at a happy hour in that expensive restaurant. You think you actually save some bucks, but in fact, you don't save anything, it is one less hole in your pocket. Let us look at the ways of being frugal.

Shopping list:

Whenever you go for a monthly grocery shopping, make sure you list out the necessary items and look only for those. Be careful with your eyes meandering over various other products which you may not want this month, though placed under attractive deals. Choose supermarkets such as DMart, SPAR, where they surprise you with humongous discounts. But don't forget to check the expiry date of those products on sale. Also, carry enough cash(not excess) with you and leave credit cards at home unless emergency.

Eat before you go out:

Don't ever leave home with a growling stomach. If you do so, your eyes can play tricks on you, even the unhealthiest food may seem inviting and you end up paying over the odds. Eat a light snack or have a juice drink before you step out. This may stop you from ogling at beautiful burgers, sandwiches and biryani pots. Always dine wisely within the "Happy Hours" of your favourite restaurants.

Much ado about parking:

Sometimes you spend more for car park than your film ticket. It is horrible to pay hundreds of rupees for that sitting duck of a car at a mall. A good idea would be to take a taxi to the film which would surely not cost much than the amount you pay for 4 hours at the mall. Also look for the shopping areas where they refund the parking ticket if you buy at their supermarket.

Deals and sales:

Every woman would love to hear the words, "On-Sale". Always wait for the deal and sale in the shops you visit regularly. People often get tricked by the deals in the online shopping websites, either get an old stock product or charge more on the delivery front to match up the profit.

Save water and electricity:

Whenever you are out of your room, switch off the fans and lights even if it is for a minute. Cut down AC consumption, limit it to bedtime hours alone. Teach your children how to save power and of course water. Water is the elixir of life if you can't save it atleast don't waste it. Top places where water gets wasted are car wash, dishwashers, laundry, showers etc. Take a pledge as a family not to waste water no matter what.

Support small businesses:

It is always wise to choose quality over quantity so that it lasts longer. Yet give a helping hand to small businesses by shopping their products instead of paying the luxury tax. Every time you do that, somewhere someone's dream is coming true while you actually pay less than you always have.

Do your own chores:

Outsourcing the household work can cost you much these days. Save up on your gym expenditure and spend time in chores bending and breaking out a sweat. This measure might put you in shape and your wallet too.

Being frugal can help your self-control better which begets self-content. My final words are that every once in a while you should "TREAT YOURSELF". Give yourself the retail therapy and enjoy, not always you have to think economically. Free the reins and bask for a while.